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Scar Removal Treatment
with Silicone Scar Sheeting
InvisiScar Scar Removal Treatment
Is a great alternative to scar removal creams
Non-surgically reduces the appearance of, or removes hypertrophic and keloid scars resulting from surgery, burns, chemicals, stretch marks, piercings, cystic acne, cuts, and tattoo removal
Is low-cost, reusable and convenient
Overall the success rate (somewhat improved to greatly improved) for the treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars is high (95%).
Works on almost any scar, regardless of age and severity
Soft, durable and reusable medical grade silicone patch
Can be used with most skin colors or types

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OUR NEW ADHESIVE PATCHES are even more convenient than our silicone sheets (since they don't require tape) and give you EVEN FASTER RESULTS.

We have five sizes of adhesive patches available, all sold in packages of four, which will last a total of six to eight weeks (in most cases, ample time to eliminate the scar).



Hello Invisiscar,

I am a Registered Nurse and got this for my brother who had open heart surgery last year. He was very happy with the results. He also cut a few patches to place over the chest tube incisions. He said that it was well worth having to shave his chest. His cardiac surgeon was very impressed as well. His brother in law just had bypass surgery this week and was asking where to get it. I thought I would just order it and have it sent directly to him.

I think this makes a much better gift than flowers !!!

Kathy RN

Featured Product

2 x 3 Inch Scar Treatment Product, cheap, discount, buy, order, online
Scar Healing Silicone Sheet - 2 x 3 Inches
List Price: $40.95
Our Price: $35.95
You save $5.00!

Choose the 2" x 3" silicone scar treatment sheet for scars from small to medium wounds, surgery, chemicals and smaller stretch marks in the upper torso area. This size is also good for breast augmentation surgery scars located on the lower portion of the breast.